Board of Directors

Zor Shriners is governed by its 13 member Divan, also known as the Board of Directors. The top seven officers of the Divan are elected annually, for a one year term, by the membership at Zor’s annual meeting held on the second Saturday in January. The remaining six members of the Divan are appointed by the newly elected Potentate for a one year term.

The Potentate is the Chairman of the Board of Directors/Chief Executive Officer of the Chapter. The positions of Chief Rabban (Vice President), Assistant Rabban, High Priest & Prophet and Oriental Guide normally move up one position at the next annual election with the Chief Rabban being elected Potentate. The Treasurer and the Recorder (Secretary) are also elected annually but do not move up the officer line. They can be reelected to their position.

The appointed positions of First Ceremonial Master, Second Ceremonial Master and Marshall normally are reappointed to the next position up, with a new Marshall being appointed. The Captain of the Guard and the Outer Guard are appointed for one year only and are not eligible to be reappointed. The Chaplain may be reappointed.