Zor Shrine Units



Camel Patrol


The Camel Patrol meets socially.  Currently Parade Inactive

Club Contact: 

Bill Jones  608.850.4590

 Email Contact:  




Directors Staff


The Director Staff is responsible for putting on the initiation ceremony for new Shriners. They provide most of the committee heads for the 3 day Madison Circus. They also operate a concession stand at Camp Randall for the U of W football games. They meet on the first Wednesday in January, April, August, and November at various locations and times.

Meeting Dates: 1st Wednesday – January, April, August, November 

Unit  Contact: 

Mark Severson, PP

Email contact: 




Drum Corps


 (Currently Inactive)

The Drum Corp is a brass and percussion unit with about 18 active members. They participate in about 20 + parades and performances per year. In most parades they ride on a trailer. They practice every Wednesday night at the Mehara Shrine Center  

Unit  Contact: 

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Escort Patrol

MADISON (currently inactive)

The Escort Patrol is a motorcycle unit with each unit member owning his own full size Harley Davidson. In the past the Unit has ridden in many community parades. Currently the Unit is having a difficult time getting enough riders to participate, so they are not accepting any parade engagements. The Unit meets on the second Tuesday of each month at the Maple Tree Restaurant in McFarland. 



Firehouse Jesters


The Firehouse Jesters are a clown unit from the La Crosse area. They have an antique fire truck that the Clowns drive in many of their parades. They participate in 12 to 15 parades per year.  They meet the 1st Monday of the month at 6pm, Java Vino, Lacrosse, WI  

Club Contact:

James Kielley

Email Contact:  




Flambeau Clowns


The Flambeau Clowns participate in 10 to 12 parades a year in northern Wisconsin. The unit in addition to its walking clowns, has a miniature circus wagon and calliope which are pulled by miniature ATV’s which are ridden by clowns. The unit meets as needed at various locations 

Club Contact:

 Jesse Tihlarik 

Email Contact:





Wisconsin Rapids

The Funsters are a clown unit from the Wisconsin Rapids area. They have about 15 members and participate in about 20 parades and clown events a year. They are available throughout the year and cover an area from as far north as Park Falls to Wisconsin Dells in the south. The unit has a 1902 Flint (horseless carriage), scooter, go cart, segway chariot, bicycles and walking clowns. Bubbles & music added entertainment. They meet about 3 times a year at the call of the Director.

Meeting dates: 2nd Sunday May through September.

Unit  Contact:

Randy Webb 


Zor Funsters, P. O. Box 521, 

Wiscobsin Rapids 54494-0521

Email Contact: 




Hospital Dads


The Hospital Dads is a group of Shriners who volunteer their time to transport Shriners Hospitals for Children® patients and their family to either the Chicago or Twin Cities hospitals. Zor Shriners have hospital transport vans located in Madison, Janesville, La Crosse, Eau Claire, Wausau and Wisconsin Rapids. When a van makes a trip, in addition to the driver there must be a rider who is not related to the patient. Therefore, if you do not want to be a driver you can volunteer to be a rider. Sometimes the days can be long, by the time you travel from your home base to pick up the patient, then to the Hospital, deliver the patient home then back to your home base. However, the reward is great. To see the results of the care provided to the children by Shriners Hospitals for Children® and the appreciation of the family makes you feel great to be a Shriner.There are occasional training session, throughout the State, for drivers and riders to help understand policies and procedures. If you are not already a Hospital Dad, why not get your name on the Chairman’s list. 



Klassic Kruzors


The newest group in Zor land is a Statewide group for anyone who has or is interested in Klassic Kars. We meet every other month in different locations and after the meeting take a ride weather permitting. Our fundraising has been with a car raffle each year. We only parade when asked to escort local dignitaries. This is a social group and our definition of a Klassic Kar is anything YOU think is Klassic.

Unit  Contact:

Robert Kaschel

Email Contact: 






The Zor Mavericks were chartered in Wautoma, Wisconsin in 1984. The members ride 1986 red Honda Sprees, participating in over 25 parades each summer around central Wisconsin. This colorful unit does precision maneuvers that delight young and old alike. The unit is available for parades from May through September. 

Mail Address: 

PO Box 1064, Wautoma, WI 54982

Unit  contact: 

Jon Barthel

Email Contact:  zormavericks@gmail.com





The Midgets are a motorized unit consisting of 14 1964-replica model Ford T-Birds. This unit participates in 12 – 15 parades each season. The unit is based out of the Mauston area with members from Portage to Sparta and in between. Most of the parades this unit does are within the west central part of the State. The practices and meetings are normally held in early May in Mauston and throughout the summer during parades. They hold no regularly scheduled meetings.

Unit  Contact: 

Al Brueggen

Email Contact: 




Mini Cars


The mini car unit rides a variety of miniature vehicles from race cars, sports cars,vans, trucks,antiques, and semis. They have 20 plus different vehicles. They average 10 to 15 parades year year. They work as the ticket takers at the Madison Circus every February. They meet every 4th Thursday , January – October. . They are looking for new members/parade drivers. 

Mail Address 

P.O. 10,  Edgerton, WI 53534 

Unit  Contact:

Adam Witt 

Email Contact: zorminicars00@gmail.com



Musky Cycle Patrol


The unit has just recently purchased 12 matching 50cc Yamaha cycles to replace their 1976 bikes. They ride in 8 to 10 parades a year in the northern Wisconsin area. Prior to parade season they practice on Wednesday nights. They hold business meeting, one in the spring and one in the fall at various locations

Email Contact:  




Pipes & Drums

 Meeting: 2nd Thursday of each month.Meeting Dates: Practice – First and third Thursday 

Unit Contact:

Dan Stormont

Email Contact:  




Road Runners


The Road Runners are a Unit of eight go carts that perform crowd pleasing routines in parades. They participate in approximately 20 parades each year in the northwest part of the State. They hold a business meeting in the spring and fall at the call of the Officers.

Meeting Dates: 1st Monday of each quarter. 

Unit  Contact:  

Jack Thomas

Email Contact:  








The Sawdusters is a clown unit that participates in 15 to 20 events per year. This includes parades, school and birthday parties and store openings. They also have a clown truck they use in parades. They hold a monthly business meeting on the first Thursday of the month at the Mehara Center. They also hold a family get together once a month at various times and locations. Meeting Dates: 1st Thursday each month 

 Unit  Contact: 

Mike Hunter

Email Contact:





Tin Lizzies


The Tin Lizzies are a unit of miniature antique model T Ford cars. They ride in parades doing maneuvers. The Unit meets as called. Meeting Dates: 1st Thursday each month.  

 Unit  Contact:

 Larry Sturz 

Email Contact:  




Veterans Patrol


To be a member of the Zor Veterans Patrol you must have served in the United States military or have been a member of a Zor Unit for at least 5 years. The unit is responsible for selling Masonic and Shrine jewelry at Shrine events. They are attempting to broaden their area of membership to include areas outside of Madison. 2nd Monday, not regular.

Email Contact:  




Wausauken Shriners


The Wausauken Shriners are a parading unit that participate in 10 to 15 events each year. They meet on the first Tuesday of each month at the Masonic Center in Wausau at 7:00. Meeting Dates: Called by President as needed. 

Unit Contact: 

Rick Schnabel 

Email Contact:   rickschnabel33@hotmail.com  





The Wranglers were formed in 1985. Meet socially from time to time. Currently Parade inactive.



Zor Clowns


Birth date of the Zor Clown Unit was May 1938, we are the oldest Clown Unit in Shrinedom.Meeting are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at the Zor Shrine Center. The Unit performs at 20 -24 parades each year. Attends all Circus performances, plus multiple engagements as requested through out the year.Purpose: To promote a positive outlook of Shrinedom, by putting smiles on everyone’s face, providing good clean fun while promoting awareness of Shriners Hospitals for Children®.We hold many family meetings and dinner outings, and welcome anyone who is interested in becoming a clown or joining our Unit. Meeting Dates: 2nd Tuesday, 6:30 PM – Shrine Center 

Unit Contact: 

Dale Holmen

Contact Mail: 



Zor Imagineers


Birth date of the Zor Imagineers was December 2017, under the direction of Past Potentate Chuck Miller. Improving communications between all Shrine Nobles was his yearly goal.

 Communications have many channels these days. People use new technologies to interact, while others do not or have the know how to do so. Since the 1980's technology has changed from 3 day hand written letters to 5 second smartphone instant messages. Our mission is to unify Zor Shriners generation gaps & communications. Provide awareness avenues of interaction & enhance Zor's public image. Simplify & connect our membership with modern technologies. If you have passion to create or just have an idea contact us.

Unit Contact:

Steve Livernash

Contact Mail: