Zor Imagineers

 Newest group in Zorland! "Zor Imagineers" Communications group. A group that aids Zor and it's nobility through new concepts and shared technologies. If you are interested in this new and exciting group contact Steve Livernash at zorgeekz@gmail.com "Where ideas become reality" We will aid in Zor Zephyr, website, events, calendar & new interactive communications. Nobles bring your ideas and your talents to the Zor Imagineers!!!!!!  lets make Zor Shriners the best it can be! 

Zor Videos

 The Zor Midgets in Action!


 Clan MacAlpine Bagpipe Band of Rockford IL teamed up with the ZOR Shrine Bagpipe Band of Monroe, WI for the September 19, 2010 Monroe Wisconsin Cheese Days Parade .

Tin Lizzies Video

 The Northland Mardi Gras for 2016 included the Zor Shriners, once again visiting the parade through downtown Ladysmith.  Check out the Zor Midgets in action! 

Mini Cars Video

 Zor Mini Cars - Cranfest Parade 2009